Child Safe Statement

At Saltbush, we are committed to creating a child safe and child friendly environment where children and young people have fun, relax, and feel empowered.

We value childhood, and seek to create an environment where families, in all their forms can experience an enjoyable family holiday.  We have zero tolerance of child abuse.

We welcome diversity and are committed to supporting children from a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to those who have lived through, or who are currently experiencing challenging life circumstances; those who are from culturally and linguistically diverse settings, including those seeking asylum and with refugee status; those who live with a disability or illness, (or who live with or care for others who have a disability or illness); children and young people who identify as LGBTIQ+ (or who live with others identifying as LGBTIQ+);children and young people with additional needs; young people in out-of-home or kinship care; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth; and other children who are vulnerable.

We actively listen to children and young people who visit Saltbush, acknowledge their experiences, and aim to provide them with a safe and relaxing space to enjoy.

Protecting children is everyone’s responsibility and we encourage all people to raise concerns should they suspect the safety of a child is at risk.   All staff and volunteers commit to the behavioural expectations outlined in our Code of Conduct and receive regular training on our child safe practices.

Child Safe Policies