Our service is guided by our values and our principles.

Our Values

Justice:  we prioritise supporting those who face barriers to access.
Hospitality:  we are warm, welcoming and inclusive.
Hope:  we create experiences that are uplifting.

Our Principles


We start from a point of view that our guests have much to offer. We recognise that through facing various challenges, our guests have often developed a variety of life skills and coping strategies that allow them to navigate complex situations. We work with guests to help them have a comfortable, independent, relaxing stay, and we focus on what’s possible and preferable for them, at this time.


We believe that all people, regardless of their abilities, social class, sexuality, gender, and cultural, linguistic and/or religious diversity, should be able to enjoy a peaceful and restful holiday. We actively include all members of families and carer units in holiday programs, acknowledging the benefits of multi generational participation and connection.  We work in partnership with families, carers, and individuals to consider the diverse needs of our guests as they access an independent holiday, and we try to support the varying needs of program participants to help them feel included and welcome.


At Saltbush we value connection; be it to self, to others, to spirituality, or to the natural world.  A holiday, program or retreat at Saltbush provides space and time for guests to connect in ways that work for them.  In our programs and retreats, we believe in connecting in positive ways, including through fun, rest, play, creativity, exploration, education, and adventure. We acknowledge the importance of connection for our guests, which can provide a sense of safety, happiness and purpose, and some protection from the challenges of life.


We know that access to, and appreciation of the natural world is not available to all, and we consciously incorporate nature into our programs and experiences. We actively work to protect nature so that it may be enjoyed and loved well into the future. We encourage our guests to find peace and comfort in the natural world, living and learning through, in, and about it on the land at Saltbush, and the broader surrounding areas of Balnarring Beach and the Mornington Peninsula


We respect the autonomy of our guests and encourage them to consider the most suitable holiday experience for them, at this moment in their lives.  Guests are free to choose the type of independent holiday they wish to have:  they can choose to stay at Saltbush independently and enjoy their own holiday experience; or guests can choose to participate in scheduled programs and retreats, run throughout the year.